Mission-Critical Support

Blundell Solutions offers a range of tailored services in the fields of communications, tracking, monitoring, engineering and advice. 

Through our team of experts and our specialised capabilities, we deliver unmatched mission-critical support services. This allows our clients to safeguard staff, expand operations, and implement new projects, often in some of the most hostile, remote and complex environments globally. 

We always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and pride ourselves to support our clients where it matters most. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our Services


Our Control Room monitors your vehicle and employee tracking systems while also keeping a close eye on the security developments in the area of operations. This way we not only offer efficient tracking and incident management but also provide preventive advice.


Our team of experts offers mission-critical communications subject matter advice, operational engineering services, training and enterprise sustainment support. Our field service engineers can practically be deployed anywhere, either alone or to augment your team.


Organisations face an ever-increasing responsibility to proactively protect their employees. Through our monitoring and tracking services, we offer clients a cost-efficient solution to fulfill several important Duty of Care obligations. Besides giving your staff the coverage they deserve, it limits liabilities in the future and offers peace-of-mind.

We monitor both vehicle and employee tracking on your behalf. We query if we see unusual occurrences and respond to panic and geofence alerts. We also monitor the security environment in the locations your teams are operating and provide alerts when the situation requires. Through our open source intelligence system, our Control Room continuously monitors more than 500 dynamic security sources.

Our Control Room can be contacted by phone, app or email, to help with requests for assistance, questions, or check-ins during travel. When we track a developing security event which might affect your people, we will send alerts via email or app, and always notify your security point of contact.

Should something go wrong, our operators will follow set protocols to initiate and support the emergency response. This can include initiating your internal emergency protocols or alerting local emergency services. Our operators are qualified and experienced and have managed a range of serious incidents. Our Control Room also has the ability to quickly conduct headcounts using applications specifically for this purpose.

With over 25 000 successful movements monitored globally – including travel in numerous high-risk countries – our track record speaks for itself.


Blundell Solutions provides field service engineering support to assist customers globally with all their mission-critical communications needs.

Our field service representatives can be deployed worldwide to support you with advice, installation, commissioning, upgrades, retrofits, maintenance, system-integration, testing, tuning and on-site training.

Our engineers have extensive experience on land mobile radio applications throughout the HF/VHF/UHF/SHF spectrum, tracking / in-vehicle management systems, C4I platforms, and electronic counter measure systems.

We pride ourselves to deploy our field service representatives where they are needed most – in the field supporting the end-users. Because of our in-house security expertise combined with our experience operating in high-risk locations, we can practically support our clients anywhere, often on short notice.

Our roster of experts includes veteran signallers from NATO countries, South Africa and Australia. All our engineers have top-tier experience and are accustomed to operating in some of the most challenging locations in the world.

Operations Support & Pathfinding

We provide a range of support services helping our clients maximise their growth while reducing risks in emerging and difficult to access markets.

Our services include assisting with pathfinding and actionable information about the operating environment. We aim to provide a holistic picture which helps our clients better understand the key political, operational and security aspects of the operating environment. We have the capabilities to assist with both land-based and maritime projects.

Blundell Solutions further offers logistical support, assistance with the procurement of critical equipment, and fixer services. Our network of local contacts is well-positioned to assist with these services.

About Us

Blundell Solutions has broad experience in planning and managing projects in the most difficult and complex environments, skills we acquired in the military and during years of working for clients in the oil & gas, logistics, government and international development sectors.

We have recent experience working in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Niger, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Sudan, Mali, Senegal, Zambia, Haiti and Columbia.

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Contact us to discuss how we can best support your requirements. Please be assured that all inquiries are held in the strictest of confidence.


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